Revision Weight Loss Surgery

We should know that weight loss surgery is a tool, a great tool, but still a tool to help you lose weight and keep it off long term. It’s not a magic bullet, and ultimately long term weight maintenance will depend on the person eating smart and living a healthy lifestyle. Significant weight regain is usually a combination of a stretched stomach pouch and poor eating habits, and lifestyle.

It’s well documented in the field of bariatric surgery that revision cases are more complex and have a higher complication rate than the initial operation. Understandably, many surgeons shy away from performing these surgeries. For good or bad, I’ve always taken these cases head on, and have learned a thing or two over the years… the most important being is that patient safety Trumps everything else. I would rather have patients choose a safer procedure, than a more heroic one.

I’ve been able to create a less invasive, less complex, and what I think is the safest way to perform many revision cases. For example, most of the time, leaks come from cutting and stapling/stitching the stomach. So, is there a way to perform revision cases without re-cutting the stomach, thereby minimizing the chance of having a leak? Turns out there is… After years of performing revisions, I was able to modify older techniques. Now, when I perform revision cases, I avoid re-cutting of stomach altogether, thereby avoiding the chance of having a leak.

I’ve also done these cases using the da Vinci® Robot. This million-dollar state-of-the-art equipment increases the surgeon’s dexterity, magnify vision, and can help get into tiny pockets of the abdomen that may not be accessible by laparoscopy alone. This is especially the case in challenging cases where a patient has undergone many previous abdominal surgeries and has lots of internal adhesions. Thereby, using the can sometimes help avoid an open surgery.

Revision surgery options are vast and patients need to know the good, bad, and ugly about each of them, so they can make an informed decision.

  • Failed Gastric Bypass Options
  • Failed Lap Band Options
  • Failed Gastric Sleeve Options
    • Revision Plication Of Gastric Sleeve
    • Gastric Bypass
    • Gastric Band Over Gastric Sleeve

If you are interested in Revisional Bariatric Surgery, feel free to ask Dr. Mehta about your options; as well as the expected weight loss in your particular situation.

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  • Dr. Mehta gave me the tools to work with and for that I’m thankful. I’m always telling people about Dr. Mehta and how he helped change my life.*

    Laura S.
  • I have never felt better physically, emotionally and spiritually in my LIFE! I have made a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle and Dr. Mehta has helped in this decision and choice. Down 80 lbs with the lap band.*

    Dawn B.
  • I chose Dr. Mehta because he came highly recommended by my gastrointestinal doctor. Before surgery my maximum weight was 338 lbs. My current weight, one year post-op is 205 lbs. I had no trouble getting an appointment with Dr. Mehta’s office and I found the staff to be kind and very informative and supportive. Dr. Mehta answered all of my questions thoroughly and was very attentive when I developed post op complications. I have not taken advantage of the support staff in place, but I know they’re available should I need them. I would highly recommend Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center to anyone considering bariatric surgery. It has made a tremendous impact on my life.*

    Darlene G. Hillsborough, NJ
  • Dr. Mehta and his staff (especially Lulu) are great!! Dr. Mehta has a great bedside manner and takes the time to talk to you and answer any and all questions that you may have. My situation was different than most. I had an old gastric banding placed in back in 1985. My surgery was performed by a surgeon who no longer practices. The banding had gone bad and eroded through my stomach causing a lot of pain. I had gone to many doctors and finally met Dr. Mehta who decided to help me by performing corrective surgery to remove the band and perform the new gastric bypass. I was back up to 225 lbs and I am now down to 140 lbs. My husband met with Dr. Mehta while he was in the hospital and liked his manners and asked me to call him. I had no problem getting an appointment and he explained everything I needed to know. I had the surgery and I am now feeling great and no longer in pain. I love Dr. Mehta and his staff. I felt I made a great choice and I am glad he took my case on and helped me out.*

    Colleen V. Flemington, NJ
  • I heard about Dr. Mehta through my mother. I felt very comfortable around him. At our first meeting, Dr. Mehta explained the procedure and all risks with me. The staff that Dr. Mehta has is very friendly and helpful with all your questions. I felt like Lulu was a personal friend of mine. Before my surgery, I weighed 237 lbs now I am weighing 145 lbs. I feel great!! I have not been able to utilize the Mehta Bariatric Center’s after care program because of where I live, in Delaware. If I lived closer, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize it. I highly recommend Dr. Mehta and the Mehta Bariatric Center.*

    Deana C. Newark, NJ