Ulcer Resection

Some gastric bypass patients may have recurrent ulcers at the gastric outlet, which can be problematic. Often they can be cured by medicines and staying away from cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine. Infrequently, however, chronic recurrent ulcers may need to be resected.  This procedure can be performed laparoscopically.  The area of the stomach pouch containing the ulcer is transected and removed, and a healthy piece of stomach is connected to the intestine.  This gives your stomach a chance to heal, and get a second start.  Additionally, a stretched stomach pouch or stomach outlet can be made significantly smaller, allowing one to feel satiated with much smaller portions of food.

What can I expect after treatment?

  • 1-2 night hospital stay
  • Return to work within 1 week
  • Liquid diet post-surgery, and progressed incrementally to solid diet over 3 weeks

If you have a chronic ulcer, feel free to ask Dr. Mehta if ulcer resection may be right for you.

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