Surgery For Adhesions


This procedure is performed for those who are suffering from abdominal pain, bloating and intermittent intestinal blockage. Abdominal adhesions are usually caused as a result of intra-abdominal scarring from previous operations. Open surgeries, with large skin incisions, cause more scarring and more adhesions than the laparoscopic operations that use tiny incisions. The greater the scarring, the greater is the likelihood of abdominal pain and symptoms. Pain from adhesions is often intermittent, excruciating, comes after eating, and had the person “doubled-over”. The treatment is to cut these adhesions and relieve the scar tissue that’s causing the pain.

This procedure is performed laparoscopically; using tiny 5mm skin incisions, a camera, and thin instruments. The duration of the procedure can vary from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the extent of scar tissue. Most patients go home the same day, and return to work within 2-3 days.

If you have chronic abdominal pain of uncertain origin, feel free to contact Dr. Mehta for appropriate diagnosis, and treatment options.

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