Stomaphyx® Procedure

The Stomaphyx is an endoscopic method of creating folds inside the stomach pouch, making it smaller, using a camera that’s passed through the mouth. There are no incisions. Those with previous gastric bypass surgery and a stretched stomach pouch can have it revised to a smaller size thus causing a feeling of fullness with a smaller quantity of food, thus increased weight loss. Additionally, the gastric outlet is also made smaller resulting in slower stomach emptying and more weight loss.

The procedure is usually done in as an outpatient. Under anesthesia, a flexible endoscope camera and StomaphyX device will be guided into your stomach. Multiple sutures will be fastened to make the stomach pouch and outlet smaller. The procedure takes about 45 minutes to perform, and is done as an outpatient.

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Most patients return to work the next day or within 2 days. You should expect some discomfort in your throat and stomach for the next few days to a week.
Possible risks, benefits, and qualifications for this procedure are discussed on an individual basis with Dr. Mehta.

Most insurance companies cover this procedure. If you are uncertain about coverage, ask your insurance company about bariatric surgery benefits. Our office will do all the legwork to get you approval.

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We accept all major insurances if you have appropriate benefits, offer financing, and can email you our specials, for those who choose to self-pay.

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