Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is a procedure where a portion of the stomach is sectioned off, creating a small stomach pouch, which will hold about two ounces of food. This causes the feeling of fullness after just a few bites. This pouch can stretch over time allowing one to eat more. Five feet of small intestine is bypassed from a total of 15 – 20 feet. This helps with greater weight loss. This procedure is performed laparoscopically. Laparoscopic refers to the technique of making 5-6 tiny skin incisions in the abdomen, by which a small camera and instruments are passed into the abdominal cavity. These instruments are then used to perform the operation. This technique offers smaller scars and a quicker recovery time.*

Additionally, a silastic ring is placed over the stomach pouch to prevent the gastric outlet from stretching over time. If used properly, the addition of a silastic ring may lead to greater weight loss than the gastric bypass alone.

Since the Gastric-Bypass is performed laparoscopically, using tiny incisions, there is minimal discomfort and downtime. General anesthesia is used. Incisions are additionally numbed using local anesthesia. The procedure takes about 75 minutes to perform. An endoscopy is performed intra-operatively to evaluate the new stomach pouch and perform a Leak Test. This safety method makes sure that the newly created stomach is well sealed.


What can I expect after treatment?
• 2 night hospital stay
• Most patients return to work within 2-3 weeks for a desk job.
• Liquid diet post-surgery, and progressed incrementally to solid diet over 3 weeks
• You will be guided every step of the way by Dr. Mehta, Nutritionist, Nurse Practitioner, and the office staff who are Dr. Mehta’s patients and have had bariatric surgery themself.
• It can often be higher if you eat a low calorie, high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet, stick to small portions, and exercise routinely.

• It can offer the greatest weight loss, compared to Gastric Band or Gastric Sleeve
• It is also performed laparoscopically
• No Foreign body placed inside you, as in the Gastric Band
• Follow-up visits are less frequent than for the Gastric-Band

If you are interested in the Gastric Bypass, feel free to ask Dr. Mehta about your options; as well as the expected weight loss in your particular situation.

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