Making The Decision

While you are the only one that knows your abilities and needs regarding this surgery, it’s important to know your options before making this life altering decision. It’s important to go into this with your eyes open and a very clear understanding of what you’re doing to yourself and your future.

This is the beginning of a journey, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to stress that this surgery isn’t a cure-all for your life and your problems. It can lead to better physical health and the ability to be healthier but mental health and self image may need more support.

It is important to remember that there are no guarantees in any kind of medicine or surgery. There can be unexpected outcomes in even the simplest procedures.

Ultimately, the decision to have the procedure is entirely up to you. After hearing and understanding all the information at your consultation, you must decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects and potential complications. Weight loss surgery is only a tool. Ultimate success depends on making a lifelong commitment of strict adherence to the recommended dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes.